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About Us

MD’s Message

“No Substitute for Experience” is a deliberated punch line of our logo and summarizes our steady growth since our inception in 1948 in the architectural building envelope solution segment.

From our start in 1948 we have grown from strength to strength and are confidently inching towards supremacy in the building envelope solution segment. We are confident about this since we have always believed in partnered growth wherein we are able to realize the collective aspirations of the architectural fraternity. We aspire to be considered as a trusted partner of the architectural fraternity by creating value for all our stakeholders through providing innovative value added design built, Building Envelope solutions.

In the last six and half decade since our inception there has been revolutionary changes in the building envelope segment; changes influenced by changing customer and architect tastes, availability of new materials and new curtain walling systems, new and stringent legislations warranted by International and National Building Codes related to Safety and higher demands for efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and sustainability. We have been able to survive and grow in this changing market as we were able to sense and understand these forces. We have been able to align our internal structure and strategies to utilize these to our competitive advantage.

From humble beginnings in 1948, as pioneers in architectural and aluminium industry and now one of the leading façade companies, Ajit India Private Limited has been on an epic journey towards business excellence and its promise to deliver the very best to its customers.

With India reaching significant heights in the global economy, using the versatility and beauty of Architectural Innovations, AIPL continuously strives for better standards in construction, innovation, technology advancement, designs & services, to allow our clients to achieve the most cost effective solutions for engineered facade systems. Our customers have been our guide for improving the products making them more effective and efficient.

The assignments in hand are a reward to our expertise as well as, signify the trust that our customers have in us.

Backed by our integrity, relentless commitment and operational excellence, we have been uniquely positioned as premium Brand.

As a forward looking professional company, we believe on planning for the long term & have a well laid out company policies. Our people are the key to our success and our great team has stood up to every challenge presented to them. Congratulating them for their commitment, it’s a proud to mention that; we as an organization take measured steps to build skill and efficiency in our staff to help them achieve their professional goals.

Together with our stakeholders, clients, governments and industry experts – Ajit India Pvt. Ltd. will use its understanding to identify collaborative actions to shape the future and further, we look forward for a closer partnering with the construction industry, to meet the challenges of the future.

Umanath Shetty
Managing Director